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2 Person Tent - Navy & Gray

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  • A dome tent with a sturdy frame that withstands 35+ mph winds.
  • Easy setup in only 10 minutes.
  • Weathertec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry.
  • Large windows and a ground vent for superior ventilation.
  • Measures 7 x 5 feet with 4-foot center height.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great shape/quality/price/space

We got this tent for 2 people, because we mostly go camping by car and we like to have more space in the tent for luggage and other stuff.PROS:- small when packaged and light- extremely easy to install / take down (my wife did it easily by herself)- no tears, materials seem high quality- very good ventilation- entry mat (tarp)- very nice shape- the price is ridiculously small for such a nice tent-CONS (or rather room for improvement):- zipper gets caught in the zipper cover (but if you do it slow, it's all good)- there was a second night when temps dropped to 31 and there was no way to cover the bottom air vent and a lot of cold air came in near our heads. We were just to lazy to change position so we just buried ourselves under the sleeping bags :)So far, we really like it. We're yet to test in the rain, but I'm hopeful there will be no problems

Rachel Kerr
Great for kids and excellent quality!

These tents are amazing. We have used them on two trips now and are very happy! We purchased the exact same 6 person tent for ourselves and two of these smaller ones for our older children. The kids love having their own tent. Above all though we were in Rangeley, ME this weekend and had two torrential down pours for several hours and not one drop of water in the tent! These tents are very easy to put up.

Good quality tent for the price!

This tent was used for a weekend away at a motorcycle rally that my husband went to. Of course hotel rooms were booked as he decided to go last minute so he got a tent site at a nearby campground. The tent is compact enough in it's case/carry bag to be able to fit on top of the side bag of his Harley. It was easily removed from it's carry bag, easy to put up and definitely roomy enough for two. The bathtub like bottom helped to keep the moisture away from his sleeping bag and other personal items. With the vents on the tent it was a little chilly (it actually went down to 45 degrees at night in Texas) so this needs to be kept in mind when deciding what you are using it for and where. It was easy to take down and put it back into it's carry case. Overall a great tent for the price and good quality!

Realtor Mike
Passed my extreme weather test..Mostly

Set it up in the back yard with impending week of heavy rain. Heavy, downpours, wind, for 4 days. The main problem was getting in and out during a storm. Due to the small overhang of the rain fly, and the angle of the door, water would come in when entering and exiting.Also the flaps that cover the zipper would blow over and expose the zipper, then rain would come through the zipper. Mind you this was extreme weather and 4 days of it. No other leaks except the zipper, held up great and I consider it a great tent for the money.I like how open and airy it is with the rain fly off. Using it at the beach in a week. Going to enjoy the sea breezing coming though the tent!

Amazing tent for the price!

This tent is great for the price! It is comfortable with plenty of space for ONE person. If can fit two people but it would be extremely cramped. There is just enough space for me and my equipment with the 2-person size. The tent features many vents to help with air circulation, which is a must in Alabama in the summer/ early fall. Closing all the vents in the winter helps keep some warmth in but I would invest in a good sleeping bag if you are expecting low temperatures. The is also a weather-tec feature which I really like. It definitely helps make the tent rainproof because the tent seams are stitched on the inside of the tent rather than the outside. I did, however, use seam seal as added protection just in case.Overall I would definitely recommend this tent if you are an avid back packer. It will keep you dry and comfortable in reasonable weather conditions.

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