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Trekking Poles - Orange

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT POLES 10.4OZ-  Our aluminum poles provide hikers, walkers, backpackers, campers, and many more. The best option for a lightweight strong pole. You will feel the difference when on long hikes or daily walks.
  • QUICK-LOCK & EXTENDABLE: Our quick-lock will support you during all your adventures, it is easy to use and reliable for holding the pole at the desired height ranging from 26" - 54".
  • COMFORTABLE EVA GRIPS: Eva Grip provides a light, non-slip grip along with our adjustable wrist strap. All our poles come with tungsten carbide tips and adjustable wrist straps. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
but when I walked without them to feel the difference I missed them after getting comfortable wit...

This is my first time using trekking poles. I tried them out recently on a 5 or 6 mile hike. I had to get used to hiking with them, and wondered at first if I saw any benefit in them, but when I walked without them to feel the difference I missed them after getting comfortable with them. I did notice it worked my arms and shoulders, so I would suggest to anyone looking to use them for a long hike to train using them so you won't be stiff and sore from using the different set of muscles. The poles are very lightweight, and seem sturdy and functional.My main reason to use them is to take some stress off of my feet, especially while hiking back down the trail, which is when my feet get the biggest workout.

Cork Handles

After a long career of hiking I knew something had been missing. Halfway into a hike when support was desperately needed, i decided to access the secret weapon. When my palms grasped the cork handles of the Cascade Mountain Tech Aluminum Quick Locking Hiking Pole it was like a jolt of electricity hit my toes and back up to the hairs on my neck. I can say with confidence that if it wasnt for those cork handles, I wouldnt be here today. Don't even get me started on the quick locking mechanism.

Great Quality, not Cheap build.

These are very nice trekking poles for the price. I use them regularly in the winter when snowshoeing, I have the best quality snowshoes I can buy so I wasn't sure about buying cheap poles. But these are great, I would say they are even better quality than the ones in the sports store. Five star Product for sure.

Great price for good trekking poles.

I'm giving this a 5 star because it has everything I wanted for a great price. What I was looking for were cork handles and extension locks because I read that cork absorbs sweat from your hands better and the locks for the poles extensions are better then the twist to lock because the twist to lock comes loose more often. The one thing I liked about these poles was that the locks have a screw on them that you can tighten the locks so that they won't come loose as you walk with the poles. I just went out and used these on the trails and I'm still VERY satisfied with them. Now combine all that I said with a low price of $20 and I would have to say these are perfect for everyone and I don't see why you would spend $30-$100 for poles that do the same things. I suppose the only difference I see that you would want to spend money for is to make your poles carbon fiber but I haven't had any problems with these aluminum poles so far. Anyways, great poles. Get them, while the price is still good.

Great Quality

I am very impressed with the quality of these poles. The quick-lock works great, just don't over-tighten before pushing the cam down, or you may experience a failure. The various feet feel good, like quality plastic but more pliable. Each style foot seems to be made of different, purpose driven materials which is nice to see. The handle feels good in my hand, and I wear XL gloves (10.5"). The strap might be removable for those that want to try that, looks like you might have to push out a pin. I have not taken these on a hike yet, but will update this if durability demands it.

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