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Foldable Camping Stove

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  • AMAZING CAMPING ACCESSORY: This amazing foldable camping stove is a must-have tool for outdoor activities. 
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Our camping stove has an ultralight design, weighing just 500g. It can be easily folded, which makes it a space-saver in your backpack. 
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: This amazing portable fire stove is made of 4 walls, from which 3 are already assembled. The last side only needs to be combined with the other 3 and fasten with an iron rod.
  • BONUS ACCESSORIES: If you get the camping stove, you can get a collapsible fire below and a telescopic fire tube igniter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Adam Hansen
Great unit. Nice Fires

Love the stove. It is compact and easy to get fired up. Has grill pieces as so you can use smaller cups and pots. Fire it up! Love the included zippo lighter and the bellow.

Beat a ’Bhèist
Great Lightweight Camping Stove

This is a great lightweight camping stove and ignitor set. Easy to set up but very sturdy. Lightweight and compact enough to fit in just about any size backpack.The only issue, in shipping, it arrived with dirt and dust on it a well as had plastic covering on all the pieces that was difficult and time-consuming to take off.Serious outdoorsmen should consider... 5-Stars!

Book Junkie
Powerful and Tiny

I've been trying to do some prepping due to all of the weird natural disasters we've been experiencing. Since my house is fully electric, when the power grid goes down, I'm out of luck in trying to cook. For instance, the polar vortex in Texas this past winter got the best of us. I had to use a tea pot warmer with tea lites to try and heat water for coffee and soup.Well, no more of that now that I have this fabulous tiny stove. It's easy to store in my prepper stash and is powerful enough to cook whatever I need to cook using a small amount of fuel (wood, kindling, etc.). I'm extremely happy to have this fantastic little stove in my prepper supply.I hope you find this review helpful.I

Rodney E. Fisk
Great stove!

This stove folds up compactly. It sets up very steady. It s fire well and allows plenty of air to get in. The top grate sets up securely. The only minor complaint is that it comes with the PVC packing wrap all over it. That's about fifteen minutes of peeling. It's a minor complaint, for an otherwise great stove. I'm pleased with how light it is, and how sturdy.

Darlaina Dancer

This is great container for fires when camping or outdoors. It holds fire well while being accessible to cooking on top and warming self from sides as well. It is easy to collapse and transport; it is lightweight. It is easy to set up. It does not come with firewood LOL. I like that it is stainless steel for its durability as well as attractiveness.

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